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TECH 21 GT2 Pedal


Brands:TECH 21

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“Architecturally” create your own rig in seconds. You can easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds, and entirely new ones as well. Choose amplifier type, modification and speaker cabinet/mic placement configurations. You can easily mix and match specific sound characteristics in ways that would otherwise be physically improbable, probably impractical and definitely not cost effective. The GT2 is a truckload of great amps in a single, simple pedal.
Hear the Sample 
MP3 format – 245k
Guitar used:
Yamaha Pacifica 112 on bridge pickup (humbucking).
Yamaha RBX 260, lightly compressed (3:1 ratio).
Subtle 360-millisecond stereo delay on lead track.
+5dB 80Hz low shelving on rhythm

Hear the Sample 
MP3 format – 243k
Guitar used:
Yamaha Pacifica 120 on bridge pickup (humbucking) for rhythm and first half
of lead, and neck pickup (humbucking) for second half of lead.
Yamaha RBX 260, lightly compressed (3:1 ratio).
-3 dB 12kHz shelving on both lead and rhythm, +3dB 80Hz low shelving on rhythm.
Subtle 250-millisecond stereo delay both rhythm and lead tracks.
Hear the Sample 
MP3 format – 243k
Guitar used:
Yamaha Pacifica 112, on  middle/neck (out of phase) position (single coil).
Yamaha RBX 260, lightly compressed (3:1 ratio).
+3dB 12kHz shelving on rhythm.
Slight chorus and compression on rhythm, and 100-millisecond stereo delay on lead..


All tracks written, performed and/or programmed by
Frederic St-Gelais at “La Chambre” Studio, Montreal, Canada
using the following equipment:

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 preamp
Mackie CR1604VLZ console
Alesis ADAT XT recorder
3630 compressor
Microverb and Midiverb III effects processors
D4 drum module
Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler (used as a MIDI  controller)
BOSS DD-5 digital delay and CE-2 chorus FX pedals
Tascam DA-30 DAT recorder
Pentium 200mmx running sequencer, audio editor and mp3 encoder programs
Yamaha Pacifica 120 and 112 guitars*
Yamaha RBX 260 bass.


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