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Tommy Igoe – Great Hands for a Lifetime


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This new DVD from Tommy Igoe focuses on developing and maintaining the physical tools that are essential for every drummer and drumming application: their hands. At the heart of this life-changing, career-extending system is the three-tier “Lifetime Warmup” originally conceived in the 1950s by Tommy’s father, Sonny Igoe. Featuring basic, intermediate and advanced levels, the Lifetime Warmup is a challenging routine that weaves its way though standard drum rudiments and original exerciseswhile simultaneously keeping players in command of their basic drumming motions. This nearly four-hour DVD includes Tommy demonstrating the bas ics of his system: Matched and Traditional Grip • Fulcrum Concepts • Rebound Strokes • Singles and Doubles • Check Patterns • The Five Families of Rudiments • and group demonstrations with five of his students, including all three versions of the Lifetime Warmup. Included are a free, color-coordinated, wall sized Lifetime Warmupposter and a compact fold-out guide courtesy of Evans Drumheads as well as a printable, 60-page eBook with instruction and exercises. Created b y one of today’s most successful and progressive drum educators, Great Hands for a Lifetime brings the no-nonsense, inspiring approach ofthe Groove Essentials series to hand technique and provides a pr oven alternative for drummers who wish to discover the full potential oftheir hands and stay healthy drumming over the decades to come.

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