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Shure 55sh ii review

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Shure 55sh ii review

welcome back to dark corner studios my
name is Aiden wolf and today we’re
taking a look at a very sexy sure
shure 55sh ii review uh-huh ah you’re gonna want to
stick around for this
it’s the sure 55 SH and you’re also
gonna find out what the stupid reason is
that I ended up having to take this bad
boy back to the store.

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Now your first impressions of this mic
are pretty simple it’s vintage it looks
kind of cool I kind of associate it with
jazz performers I know a lot of people
look at this and go but that’s the Elvis
mic but for some reason when I see this
I think of a sultry jazz singer bustin
some notes out in a club and just this
is almost tied to her mouth I’m not sure
why I see it that way as for Mike
well I always look at these things and I
consider the hand over it and you see a
lot of singers doing that I think Scott
Weiland would be a good example I
remember seeing him in a video where he
used to grip it by the back that’s kind
of a bad idea I don’t really I can’t
hear it I can definitely see some
handling noises there but we’ll find out
once we actually mix down this audio
other than that from the visual it just
looks amazing
it’s just something that I would love to
have four of at a desk just hanging out
other than that not much to say from
what I hear I actually do like the sound
of this microphone I don’t know if I
would call this the prettiest mic on the
market I guess it’s kind of up for
argument it’s great for vocal work and
it does have a great throwback quality
uses a variation of the exact same
cartridge as the sm58 and the sm7b
that’s right all three of those
microphones use pretty much the exact
same cartridge with minor variances in
them pretty much the body of the mic is
what creates a lot of that sound tone
that comes out of those microphones and
of course the tweaks that they do to the
capsules and the cartridges now this is
the sound profile of this mic of course
I’m doing some post-production on it but
nothing heavy but other than that that
this is the microphone anyways it’s got
a decent sound it’s got a little switch
on the front and that is a basic on and
off switch it does feel sturdy despite a
cheap plastic around the edges but for
the most part when you pick this
microphone up you notice the heft in
your hand much like a lot of other
dynamic microphones this thing could be
used as a weapon I’m not
you should I’m just saying you could I
really like the throwback design of this
if you haven’t noticed this is also the
same mic as what Elvis used but it also
has an older brother called the super 55
and that’s the one that you can see a
lot of recording artists using like
James Hetfield now it’s a bit of a
premium price on that I think it’s about
$75 more than this microphone costs but
you do get a super cardioid pattern to
that meaning the pickup patterns a
little tighter and it has a little bit
better side rejection of sound where
it’s not quite as sensitive to sound
coming from behind or from the side so
super cardioid is a little bit more
direct on where that sound is coming
from but all that aside this is a very
serviceable mic it sounds great and when
I picked it up I was like oh man that’s
hot I could see this being used on a
video podcast why don’t I see more of
these on video podcasts it’s a great
idea but then there’s a big problem that
I ran into when I was setting it up I
tried putting it on my OC white arm now
this is a low profile arm that I picked
up these things are great they don’t
hang over like the PSA ones do I love
these things because they just stay out
of the way and they’d it doesn’t look
broadcast E when you’re sitting at your
computer desk playing video games are
doing whatever I try putting it on and
it’s screwed on to the end easily but
once I had it screwed on I realized I
was unable to plug in my XLR into the
back of a microphone because it’s so
close together so the XLR connector end
where you actually screw the mic onto
the mic stand a right beside each other
which is a major issue for most mic
stands now this OC white one was I
figured maybe it was just an anomaly
so I went and I got my desk stand and it
was again the exact same problem in fact
the only way I was able to mount this
mic to anything was by extending my desk
stand and now I don’t know about you I
like my microphone to be slightly under
my mouth which doesn’t really suit me if
it’s too tall so I guess I’ve got to get
a taller chair it just seemed
of a compromise for this microphone I
mean for $200 you expect the microphone
to maybe not have all the bells and
whistles but at least have the ability
to plug an XLR cable into it so you can
power it and talk through it for that
amount of money I kind of expect to be
able to use the microphone with an e mic
stand I want now don’t worry you can use
this microphone with a rode psa1
or basically any scissors isle of mic
stand but if you’re like me and you
bought this because well it’s sexy it
really doesn’t look good on a road PSA
one and that’s not why you bought it you
bought it for this look so with that in
mind I would have to say unless you’re
willing to actually go the extra
distance to be able to find the
equipment you need to satisfy this one
microphone I wouldn’t really recommend
this microphone for any podcast aisle
that being aside it does sound great
and it does look so good but I think
I’ve got to take it back to the store
and this is going to go down on record
as the dumbest reason I have ever
returned a product to the music store
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I’ll see you in the next one
you really does look sexy though I feel
like Elvis no yeah I can do it yeah
that’s right
the handling noises oh that’s not good
how did Elvis do it it was it was used
to yeah anyways nice Mike
it’s a really nice mic one major problem
gigantic problem