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Shure blx24 beta58 review

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Shure blx24 beta58 review

A instrumental like Moe was rapping just
imagine of that I’m rapping right and
how it sounds it just sounds great
the high to meet the lows it just sounds
fantastic and if you get closer to the
mic oh yeah that was part of the beat I
can’t right there yeah so you want to
know how these microphone sounds the
sure VLX sm58 wireless you are listening
to the microphone being processed
through Reaper my da my digital
workstation where I you know do music
mixing whatever

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I’m going to go ahead
and turn off the processing to the
microphone so right now there’s nothing
going on with it
it’s just straight from the receiver to
the focus right – eh – and then to the
headphone splitter the microphone comes
in this beautiful carrying case very
well foam padded you probably clicked on
this video because you want to know if
this is a good microphone you probably
want to know if spending three hundred
and seventy nine dollars or probably
you’re looking for it on eBay use right
and you want to know man it’s paint 250
bucks for the microphone worth it well
let me tell you something I’ve tested a
whole bunch of different wireless
microphones and there I’ve done some
videos of them on YouTube and some
videos I haven’t another microphone that
I’m gonna be testing is the Sennheiser
what are my thoughts on this sure BLX
sm58 microphone what do I think I’ve
been using this microphone in our church
so as live performance I have also been
using this microphone here in my room to
do my rehearsing on my music because I
love music I love singing and doing a
little bit of rap and you know singing a
little bit of gospel music and whatnot
this microphone sounds fantastic now
you’re probably wondering what is that
in there well this is a windscreen
filter so if I remove it pop filter the
microphone is not so bad right
this microphone is not that bad for pops
2424 now if you’d like blow his training
to the mic then it’s gonna receive him
you know what I’m saying
pop filter just so I can feel more
secure about me getting close to the
microphone I like putting the field in
any window it doesn’t look that good you
know what I’m saying you’re gonna listen
to the microphone right now equalized
and I’m gonna tell you exactly what it
has any equalizer from Reaper it’s got
the compressor the compressor from
Reaper and it’s got an old-school Reaper
from boxing go now this is going it’s
being processed through the DA my
digital workstation because I don’t have
a mixer but we do have a mixer in church
in the microphone live performance like
when you are performing live it sounds
beautiful we have another sm58 in church
and we have a sennheiser e39 I believe
that’s the brand beautiful microphone
here from dynamics I used to have it
here on my desk when I used to the live
streaming because the microphone is
really quiet so what happens if I move
the microphone sideways probably not and
that is the beauty of these microphones
once you move the microphone it’s really
hard to pick up anything and that is a
good thing because you don’t want the
microphone picking up all the sound of
the stage you know the drums the bass
the guitars the other singers you don’t
want any of that and that is the beauty
of these microphones so I wanted
something that I could rely on and I
know that this microphone was the best
choice so now let’s go ahead and listen
to the microphone I’m gonna go ahead and
play some one of my beat my beat I own
the copyrights of these beats so you
don’t don’t try to start anything okay
all right let’s do it
all right sounds beautiful
I’m not gonna do anything in any
wrapping because you know what I’m
saying but I’m gonna be doing it a
little bit of commentary over the beat
is that reggaeton beat right and you’re
listening to the microphone fully
process right live process I’m not doing
this on post like I’m gonna go premiere
pro I’m not gonna in there this is
recorded it straight from the headphone
all the way to the DSLR so let’s pretend
you are up in the stage you have this
mic on right they’re performing
you’re singing and it sounds beautiful
it sounds beautiful let me see the inky
of this microphone then EQ I put a
little bit of the bass down and I raced
up the highest a little bit to get the
crisp sound right by performing crisp
sounds so you want to have right let’s
that’s how I got the beat but anyways if
you’re a hip-hop artist if you’re a
hip-hop artist and if you got invited to
you know what quinceanera or a birthday
party or whatever celebration that they
got going on if your church or whatever
you’re doing if you’re in the industry
of music you know this happened to me
before I went up and I sang up on the
stage and the microphone that they
handed me it was a wireless microphone
this happened to me twice
they hand it to me and the battery dies
so I was actually doing the hype for
another rapper in I was up there with no
sound and I was like there’s no sound to
the microphone so what you want to do if
you are getting into if you’re country
singer if you’re rock star if you want
to be a rock star or you know rap music
corridos whatever music you’re going
into make sure you have your own
microphone and what better microphone
then they sure be Alex well there’s a
better there’s another version of this
microphone right like there’s there’s
other versions where it shows the LED
battery indicator here in the channel
and whatnot those are lyrics cosmetics
the fact of the microphone is sm58 and a
true musician is going to give a thumbs
up on this video because they know what
i’m talking about so if you’re thinking
of buying this microphone I’m gonna give
it thumbs up the microphone sounds
fantastic but I’ll go ahead and get rid
of the processing of the microphone so
you don’t think well he’s manipulating
in the audio he doesn’t really know how
to review a microphone I’ve been around
the music industry for a little bit I
don’t call myself that I know everything
I just know a little bit right and I can
say this microphone is good good
investment I’ll tell you that much
this was your host surgery with the
career clock I will see you guys in the
next video I’ll be revealing more Mike’s
baby a instrumental like Moe was rapping
just imagine of that I’m rapping right
and how it sounds it sounds great the
high and meets the lows and she sounds
fantastic and if you get closer to the
mic oh yeah that was part of the beat I
can’t right there yeah