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Shure green bullet review

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Shure green bullet review

What you just heard was
the shure 520 DX dynamic microphone high
impedance made in Mexico this microphone
is the green bullet it’s the new modern
version of extremely old school design
that takes well that old-school design
puts modern electronics in it and it
gives you a sound that’s well
practically legendary this microphone
being the bullet type microphone is made
to be held well lay in a cupping type
motion take your rear two fingers like
this hold it in your hand grab your
harmonica leave a little space and blow
it doesn’t like to pick up ambient sound
so you can talk into it but until you
get right up in there you’re not going
to hear a lot of sound coming through it
this is great for harmonica because this
is the type of instrument that well
you’re not going to be playing
throughout an entire song most of the
time and I will be playing through the
entire song

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so you don’t want this
microphone picking up noise from your
guitar amplifier or the PA or the
monitor it’s just the way it is my amp
is all the way back there I can take it
and point it towards my amplifier and
I’m not going to get a whole lot of
feedback do that with a regular vocal
microphone and you’re going to be
punishing everyone on and offstage so
this type of bullet microphone and this
one in particular 520 DX is extremely
extremely well made and made just for
harmonica players so we’ll play a few
things and show you a few things that
you can do with this harmonica a lot of
them have to do with hand cupping now
you notice I’m holding this harmonica
here and that’s important to getting a
the the sound that you desire through
the the green bullet so as you can tell
it picks up the sound pretty well
you don’t hear until you’re right on top
of it now when I take my other hand and
actually couple that sound in
putting both hands on this that gives
you that old-school Chicago blues sound
from the the 60s that everybody really
really likes now one of the key features
with this that wasn’t on the older green
bullets is the volume control knob with
this I can turn it all the way off or
turn it up so loud that
that it can get pretty uncomfortable on
this version of the green boy in
addition to the volume knob you already
have the cable that is pre connected you
cannot take it off what this does is
basically make sure that well you don’t
ever forget your cable that’s got a
pretty nice length to it so you’re not
going to run out of cable if you’re
moving around stage a little bit and it
also has a spring right here to protect
the connection from the cable to the
internal parts of the harmonica the
grille looks nice it’s pretty durable in
the casing of the shell it’s it’s on
there really good this is a durable
microphone as with any microphone you
don’t want to drop it on the floor but
I’ve seen these drop before and it
doesn’t cause a lot of damage so if
you’re looking for a bullet type
microphone this might be exactly what
you’re looking for a lot of the
old-school bullet mics are known for not
being very loud this one on the other
hand it’s kind of – in volume knob you
can control the the loudness or the
volume and it’s just a good all-around
microphone and I highly recommend it so
go out try one for yourself I think
you’ll like it
the sheer 520 DX green bullet high
impedance if it’ll take a instrument
cable plug it straight into your amp
then we’ll work with this because it’s
got the the instrument cable directly
into it I really enjoy this microphone
it’s durable and honestly with a name
like sure you’re not going to go wrong
Green bullet go buy one