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Shure PGA27 Review

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Shure PGA27 Review

greetings earthlings I’m back with a
review of another XLR condenser
microphone so today we’re looking at
this guy the Shure PGA27 review which is a large
diaphragm condenser microphone if you do
want to pick this guy up it will set you
back around $200 currently and like
always I’ll throw some links down below
and for this Shure PGA27 review, we’re connected to
the 2i2 2nd gen with the input gain set
at around 11 o’clock.
  • Sale Out Of Stock
not gonna do any
post-processing but I will likely boost
it in post so check the doobly-doo to
see what I did now let’s talk about what
comes in the box first up everything
comes in this really nice leather padded
carrying case then you obviously do get
the microphone you get a nice plastic
shock mount which does have a 5/8 to 3/8
inch microphone stand adapter you do get
some documentation and I thought we were
done with these things but you get a
dang sticker so as far as the build
quality just like every other sure
microphone this thing feels absolutely
it has an all-metal body as well as a
very sturdy metal mesh grille that you
can’t squeeze at all it also has a
really nice weight to it around the rear
of the microphone you will find a
negative 15 decibel pad as well as a
high pass filter in case you want to
curb some of that proximity effect as
far as the specs this thing has a
cardioid polar pattern a frequency
response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz a
sensitivity of around negative 35
decibels an impedance of 115 ohms a max
SPL of 130 decibels and a phantom power
requirement of plus 48 volts ok we’re
back right on top of the microphone in
the microphones neutral mode still in
the same position but now I’ve
initialized the high-pass filter on this
thing to show you how it sounds ok so
right now I’m speaking into the front of
the pga 27 moving around to 90 degrees
to show you the off-axis coloration will
continue around the microphone to 180
degrees to show you the rear rejection
in coloration continuing back around 290
and then we will continue and end at 0
degrees now I’m typing on a keyboard
with cherry MX blue to see how much my
voice first how much of the keyboard it
now I’m right on top of the microphone
to show you the proximity effect about
three inches away from the microphone
with the steadman pro screen 101 one
foot away from the microphone do you
feet away from the microphone
I’d much rather be squatching today ah
much rather be squatching my days away
again this is another one of those
microphones that just seems to be a bit
too focused in the high end and lacking
in the low end in terms of pros it does
have that typical amazing sure build
quality and it does come with some
really nice accessories with this shock
mount as well as the nice leather
carrying case but then in terms of cons
this microphone just didn’t do an
amazing job with plosives and that’s
because there’s just nothing on this
microphone in the way of diffusion or
absorption and also it did get to sound
a little bit grainy in the higher
frequencies so when we listen to the
electric guitar on this thing I
personally just was not a big fan of it
and that’s because it did sound a bit
too boomy in the low end which is
because we were close miking the guitar
cab which adds the proximity effect and
you could resolve that a little bit by
switching on the high-pass filter but
the guitar also sounded a bit crunchy ER
in the lower mids than I’m used to which
I wasn’t a big fan of either then the
acoustic guitar had a fairly even sound
to it with a pretty nice body when you
might get a little bit closer to the
sound hole in the present and treble and
air boost also had some nice attack to
the guitar pick but it definitely wasn’t
the fullest tone out there so if you’re
looking for a microphone to get that
really beefy and full acoustic tone this
isn’t gonna cut it
and then for singing it did lack a
little bit too much in the lower
frequencies leading the microphone to
sound a bit too top-heavy but if you do
get right on top of the microphone and
stay there within a couple of inches you
can get a really nice forward sound for
your voice and the same thing goes for
spoken-word if you don’t stay right on
top of the microphone within a couple of
inches to help offset that presence and
air boost it can sound a bit too thin
and a little bit harsh so what I
recommend this microphone honestly I
hate to say this but probably not and
that’s because I don’t think the
microphone sounded optimal for anything
that I threw at it now sure the
microphone does sound fine but for 200
dollars I would like the microphone to
sound better than fine for at least one
use case and
I don’t think this microphone really
excelled on anything that I threw at it
so personally I was not a big fan of it
and I wouldn’t recommend it now
unfortunately for all of you I’m gonna
go ahead and end this review with a joke
so if you are planning on picking up
this microphone I really hope that you
enjoy smoking drugs because you’re
definitely going to be getting a lot of
highs I really am sorry that you
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