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Shure pga48 review

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Shure pga48 review

Today I’m back with
a super Shure pga48 review but bandru you review
so many sure microphones you must be a
shell what on earth would make you think
that so incredibly ridiculous today we
are looking at this guy sure PG a 48 and
if you do want to pick this microphone
up it will set you back only around 34
dollars like always I’ll throw some
links down below and for this review I
have the microphone connected directly
to the 18 I 20 with the gain set just
above three o’clock I will of course not
do any kind of post-processing but I may
boost it in post so check the doobly-doo
to see what I did I did now let’s talk
about what comes in the box first you
will get a zippered storage bag then you
will of course get the microphone.

get a microphone mount which does not
come with a 5/8 to 3/8 inch adapter some
documentation and a sticker then as far
as the builders I hate stickers so much
your father wasn’t gonna destroy you but
I got you hate you as far as the build
quality it does feel really well put
together especially at the $34 price tag
it has an all-metal body as well as a
metal mesh grille but full disclosure
when I was smashing it it did tend to
bend the grille a little bit so I guess
just don’t hammer stuff with it it also
has an on/off switch which can function
as a mute switch if you’d like and it
weighs in at around 300 grams or 10.58
ounces then as far as the specs this
microphone has a cardioid polar pattern
a frequency response of 70 Hertz to 15
kilohertz a sensitivity of around
negative 53 and 1/2 DB and an impedance
of 600 ohms now I’m spinning around the
PG a 48 to 90 degrees to show you the
off-axis rejection and coloration we
will continue around to 180 degrees show
you what it sounds like here continuing
around the microphone to the second 90
degree angle
and then we will rotate and end at the
front now I’ll go ahead and pass this
microphone back and forth between my
hands to show you how it does at
rejecting handling noise we will of
course test the plosives so please bring
Pizza pronto please bring Pizza pronto
please bring Pizza pronto now I’m right
on top of the microphone to show you the
proximity effect of the pta 48 about
three inches off of the microphone with
it pointed at the corner of my mouth and
this is how it’s sounding about 1 foot
away from the microphone now I am typing
on a keyboard with cherry MX blue to see
how much of my voice versus how much of
the keyboard it picks up and now I am
just typing on the DAWs keys for you
elite gamers now I want to go ahead and
do a very quick comparison of this
microphone to the SM 48 and the sm58 so
right now I am speaking into the PG a 48
and this is how it sounds now I’m on the
SM 48 at the exact same distance with
the exact same gain settings I will
likely have to boost this microphone a
little bit more in post but this is how
the SM 48 compares and finally I am on
the sm58 at the exact same distance and
the exact same gain setting check the
doobly-doo to see how much I boosted
this one in post and this is how the
sm58 compares to the SM 48 and the pga
my tank is empty not much is left to say
I beg for your guidance won’t you please
show me the way seriously you could tell
me what to sing about you know Rosso
thank you for sending those in very
astute and accurate lyrics appreciate
you come on what what do you want from
me it’s a it’s a $34 microphone and I’m
pretty dang impressed with it but as far
as the pros of this microphone it is
just dirt cheap at $34 I still don’t
understand the economics of that it has
an all-metal build quality which is
great to see at this price it has a
hotter output than both of the SM 48 and
sm58 so you won’t have to drive your
preamp as hard and it does have this
handy little on/off switch so you
essentially have a free mute button
pretty neat but then as far as the cons
this microphone legitimately had some of
the worst handling noise that I have
heard on any microphone I have ever
reviewed it also wasn’t stellar at
plosive rejection and as you saw the
metal grille on this thing isn’t quite
as sturdy as that of the SM 48 or sm58
but at this price they had to cut
corners somewhere now as far as my
overall thoughts on the electric guitar
there wasn’t anything awful about it it
was a little bit muddy in the lower
frequencies but it had this really
aggressive tone to it which I thought
was very complimentary for a distorted
guitar like I was recording then on the
acoustic guitar I thought it lacked a
bit of body in the low end and also had
this somewhat honky type of
characteristic to it and just all-around
for the acoustic guitar it’s not one of
my favorites next up for singing this
microphone gives you a very forward
sound meaning it has a very big presence
and treble boost to help your voice pop
out of the mix and stick out from
everything else going on there and I
thought it sounded pretty dang good in
that short test song that I did and
lastly for spoken-word I think the
microphone has a nice fullness to it and
it gives the
nice body to the voice but there is a
bit of grittiness in the top end which I
am just not that keen of and now what I
recommend this microphone of course I
would it’s a $34 microphone that sounds
pretty dang good at that price so if you
are in the sub $40 price range and
you’re looking for an XLR dynamic
microphone with an on/off switch I think
this is a killer beginner option why did
I pronounce that weird beginner option
I’m a with that being said I would
100% recommend that you pick up a pop
filter with this thing because it
doesn’t do the best at rejecting
plosives and I would not recommend this
if you ever plan on recording anything
while hand holding this microphone
because my god was that painful to
listen to alright that is going to wrap
up for today so if you found this video
fun interesting or helpful go ahead and
give me a thumbs up if you hate it give
me a big ol thumbs down want more videos
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out my podcast go check it out at
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it affects you as a content creator
super cool I’ll talk to you next time
thanks for watching thanks for listening