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Shure wl185 review

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Shure wl185 review

Today I’m doing an
interesting video about lavalier mics
and I decided to make a video and maybe
this will help somebody so I have three
microphones here the three mics I have
our two of them our shirts the WL 185 WL
183 and the Sennheiser me2 so right now
I’m hooked up to the WL 185 which is the
cardioid pattern which picks up kind of
the upper and then the other two mics
are omni which will pick up everywhere

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so let’s see how these microphones
compare and I’m running through a shirt
you are one wireless transmitter into a
shirt you are five receiver so 185 this
is the cardioid pattern let’s switch to
the omnidirectional WL 183 so this is
the shirt WL 183 the omnidirectional
microphone you can probably hear picks
up a little bit more of the room and
this is how it sounds now let’s go to
the Sennheiser me2 so this is the
Sennheiser me2 microphone which is also
a omnidirectional microphone and this is
how it sounds like so sennheiser me2 now
let’s go back to the other microphones
and hear what they sound like again so
this is the sure WL 183 omnidirectional
microphone testing one two three
now let’s go to the cardioid version of
this microphone to the WL 185 and this
is the cardioid microphone the WL 185
from sure so this is the sennheiser me2
microphone which is also a
omnidirectional microphone and this is
how it sounds like so this is a
comparison of all the three microphones
let me know which one you guys like this
which one sounds best to you and maybe I
can switch over to that microphone for
my demos and other videos alright thank
you for watching and be sure to
subscribe and check out my other guitar
demo videos and other comparison videos