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Takamine gc5 review

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Takamine gc5 review

I’ve been playing this alongside the cordoba c5 that just sold a few minutes ago.

This holds its own i prefer the c5
it is salad cedar slightly warmer but
this is a very nice
takamai tacomini
very similar model number this time with
the solid spruce top and the rosewood
back and sides
nice rosewood board rosewood faced
headstock there’s the tacominilet
logo nice black binding
throughout a black heel cap
nicely made sort of
dark orange varnish on this very very uh
traditional with the rosette as well so
a very creditable classical guitar

  • Sale

I think these go for around
450 500 with a hard shell case foot rest
and all kinds of accessories which is
what this came with
and i think you can get the guitar
slightly cheaper if you don’t
get the full package deal but
bone nut and saddle um i think these are
strung up with severe strings i’m not
they sort of look like them uh yeah
it’s just a good uh
sort of intermediate classical guitar
this would be a great entry level guitar
for someone
very nice rosewood on the board and
bone nut and saddle as well the sort of
three on a line tuners with the perloid
caps which is fairly standard for this
price of
classical you get the more plain ones on
the cheaper guitars but
um you know the they they put some nice
ornate tuners on guitars of this price
so yeah i just wanted to show this to
you because
it’s gonna fly out the door here soon
anyway going out at 10 already because i
just set it up
i just wanted to show this to you
because we like
good quality classical guitars that are
and you can pick them up do a quick
and you’re away you can start playing
your uh
manual the fire pieces on it
um or if you’re like willie nelson you
can play country on it as well or blues
just don’t put steel strings on these
but a very credible guitar nice solid
top model
rosewood throughout nicely done
okay see you in the next one