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Tanglewood 12 string review

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Tanglewood 12 string review

Hi my name’s Andy I’m finish music and
today I’m looking at the tanglewood 12 string review
and it’s a really really nice torture
music attacked by the people over at
Tanglewood and I’ll show you I’ll walk
you through a few of the specs spruced
up so that’s a good start

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Mahogany back and neck back asides and
margon a neck and then the fret board is
called tech cord in conjunction with
that it has a pickup system by
Tanglewood called the premium plus was
just a really nice it’s got like a lot
of controls it’s got its got like a
phase and a tuner and all that kind of
stuff and I’m really good thing to
mention is that the neck it’s just nice
and round they’re not too big there are
some some coops and transfers necks are
really fat and there are on call tour
but this doesn’t have to either or it
isn’t doing really well so that’s all
the spec this is what it sounds like you