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Tanglewood Crossroads Dreadnought Guitar Review

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Tanglewood Crossroads Dreadnought Guitar Review

We are gonna write a Tanglewood crossroads dreadnought review. Cool isn’t it very cursed?

So I’m going to tell you a bit about it so first things first doesn’t it sound also it sounds very American to me sounds bluesy well it is called the Tanglewood crossroads and so well it’s got that American vibe to it it’s in this finish which is called whiskey barrel burst so it is very American it’s an orchestra body so what I tend to really like about this guitar is the orchestra bodies.

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They’re a bit smaller so you know especially if people are first starting or want a guitar that’s nice and player but yeah yeah it’s comfortable in the shoulder, yeah and it works really well the a lot of guitars in this sort of budget price range they don’t have a particularly playable neck do you find mm-hmm this one is really payable, yeah yeah yeah the problem can be that it’s too hard to play I mean it’s for a beginner but this is really really comfortable and the fingers not too hard to press the strings down great start.