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Trace elliot elf 1×10 review

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Trace elliot elf 1×10 review

I’m excited to introduce Trace elliot elf 1×10 review first.
I want to say thank
you for making the trace Elliott elf one
of the best-selling bass amplifiers in
the world if not the best-selling bass
amp and we really really appreciate that
back in 1979 trace Elliott was born with
one single mission and that was to make
the best possible bass amp to amplify
not only your tone but your talent and
ever since then that’s been our mission
and we continue to do that today.

We’reexcited to introduce the new trace
Elliott elf combos the next logical step
from this 200 watt monster was to put
that in a tiny portable cabinet now what
we’ve done is we’ve made it 108 which is
this little guy right here super
super lightweight it’s got compression
in it just like the little elf does it’s
got the trace Elliott EQ pre-shape built
into it it’s got an ultra quiet DI out
and on 108 we’re using a custom Italian
speaker and on the 110 we are using an
American design custom 110 speaker these
new combos have a couple of things in
common first of all they’ve got a
headphone out on the back and a
fantastic di one of the biggest problems
with any bass amp is when you get on
stage a lot of D eyes aren’t designed
well and they’re not designed right so
you go ahead and plug into the PA and
when you got buzzing even if you hit the
ground lift on a lot of them it’s still
buzzes on ours you can be certain that
when you plug it into the PA system
you’re going to get the tone of yourself
your amp and your bass right through the
PA without any coloration or any noise
and that’s a big deal we also designed
these cabinets to be gig worthy and what
does that mean well a lot of people have
eight-inch and 10-inch micro bass amps
for lack of a better word but what they
don’t have is an amplifier that actually
sounds like a big boy bass amp in a
little tiny package and that’s exactly
what we’ve done with this little 108
combo now if you’ve got studio yo you
want to listen to this in your living
room or your bedroom this is exactly
fine the way it is it sounds like a big
big amp but if you got a gig and you
want to take it out and play over a
drummer easy to do take this little 108
grab this with the other hand a little 2
8 combo the set
right up on top of it like this we run a
speaker cable from top to bottom and
you’ve got a kick-ass stage-ready
amplifier professional sounding to
amplify the sound of not only your tone
the tone of your bass about your talent
and that’s what tres le it’s all about
also this 110 fits right on top of the
american-made speaker in this 110 combo
this makes either one of these makes a
fantastic rig or any combination of the
you’ve got 160 watts of power into one
speaker and both of these combos and a
full 200 watt elf power section when you
add an extension speaker all of these
amplifiers are designed from the front
to the back end with one thing in mind
make the best no compromise bass amp we
know how to make and that’s what we’ve
done we are really excited for you to
check these things out get your local
tres elliot dealer for more information
tres Eliot comm we really appreciate you
thanks again for making the Tres elliot
elf one of the best selling bass amps in
the world