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Trace elliot elf 1×10 review

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Trace elliot elf 1×10 review

Let’s start trace elliot elf 1×10 review.
The trace elliott name is legendary in
the base world and the green and black
color combination is familiar to bass
players the world over
during the 80s and 90s trace gear was
and it set a standard for high
definition high quality amplification
but it always weighed a ton as the name
has come and gone over the following

Technological advances have meant that
when the company returned in 2017
it was able to utilize the improvements
in technology and materials
and so it was in late 2017 the trace
elia elf range was launched
the elf and the separate cabinets have
covered a lot of ground since then
but this combo is the first new trace
combo in years
and although it has been available in
the us previously this is new to the uk
and europe
as you can see it is certainly a neat
and tidy combo
the all-in-one design is a godsend for
many players
so incorporating the elf amp into this
neatly designed unit makes for a great
the heavy duty dust cover supplied with
the combo is an added plus
but the overall design is excellent
ruggedly constructed
and supplied with a heavy duty leather
handle which makes transporting the
combo extremely easy
and aided by its lightweight and
sensible dimensions
there’s no clutter or extra bulk here
everything has been trimmed to save
space and make using the combo as simple
as possible
the tonal delivery is very good and
although you may think 130
watts isn’t very loud believe me this
combo was shaking my demo
space and my base collection the eq has
been sensibly selected
and incorporating the compression and
distortion features into the gain
the combo covers a lot of sonic ground
so will
ably deliver the goods no matter what
your playing style or musical preference
it packs a very powerful punch sure
it doesn’t compete with the trace
graphic eq of the 80s and 90s but then
this is a much smaller more portable
with headphone and line out connections
a quarter inch jack speaker output for
an additional cabinet
and an xlr output you have everything
you could need at your disposal
my only reservation is the lack of an
auxiliary in connection
either a 3.5 millimeter audio socket
or a usb connection so that the player
can attach an external music source for
private practice
price wise the combo isn’t cheap
although you may find cheaper deals in
store and online
but you’re paying for a lightweight
easily transportable unit that can cover
a lot of ground
and with an additional cabinet it will
certainly be capable
of keeping up with a live band mix in a
live environment
have no fear the trace elliott elf combo
is well and truly up to the job if you
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