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Trace elliot elf review

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Trace elliot elf review

Everybody at Steve cook with premier
guitar and premier guitar calm today we
are looking at this the elf from trace
Eliot look at this little guy but
they’ll be fooled don’t be fooled 200
watts at 4 ohms 130 watts at 8 ohms and
it fits in the palm of your hands
depending on the size of your hand of
course but it fits in your backpack your
gig bag it’s nice I mean its compact
it’s the latest in micro amps it’s all
the rage

Why isn’t one in your gig bag I don’t
know we’ll talk about that later let’s
run through these features real quick
very very straightforward very simple
like I said 200 watts at 4 ohms so the
powerful little guy we have the input
here we have the gain we have an
indicator light which actually kicks in
a little bit of compression acts as
limiting there’s a difference but
there’s some limiting on there and when
used as a headphone amp you could really
really tell when you’re using it as a DI
which you can do both then then you can
really hear that in there so it’s really
cool then we have a 3 band EQ which is
based mid and travel we have the power
indicator light we have the volume and
then we have the quarter inch headphone
out which is better than the 8 inch
headphone out because you know adapters
so so here is the very simple
straightforward and easy to use back
panel of the trade 7/8 elf this is for
your universal power supply this is the
on/off switch this is our quarter inch
out four speakers and our XLR out for
your di anyhow so trace Eliot known for
well powerhouse based amps for a long
time and and they tend to be a little
bit in my humble opinion a little bit
mid-range II but in the clip at the top
of this was all flat as you can see I’ll
basically straight up so we can tweak
that a little bit so let’s uh let’s get
into some different tunnel options on
the elf the signal chain today is very
simple we’re going from a Cohen base
into the trace Eliot race Eliot we’re
splitting the signal happy.i half on an
sm57 and we’re going to kind of a B so
you can hear what the DI does and what
the speaker does so let’s start again
with it straight up and
and then we can a be from there so first
you’re going to hear it’s the DI of the
elf straight up
alright now let’s try the sm57

and again that’s everything straight up
so let’s tweak it a little bit to maybe
my liking I’m the one doing the video I
can be selfish but what I’m going to do
is I’m going to roll up some travel and
I’m going to just kind of I’m going to
scoop it a little bit so let’s get rid
of some of those mids and add a little
bit of the bass and treble and we’ll go
from there so first the DI and now let’s
travel 57

so who’s going to use this well let’s
say you have an apartment like IKEA
small 700 square feet or less but this
is great for bedroom practice actually
it’s loud enough that you can take the
small gigs it’s great in the studio but
I really like the portability obviously
the portability is the selling point on
this I think it streets around $2.99 so
it’s a it’s not much more than a really
good pedal so it’s a nice backup to have
especially if you’re out and your pace
and besides to go down and you don’t
want to just use a DI you can actually
plug in get a little bit of total
control and and have an amp at the same
time so that’s kind of nice so make sure
you check out the elf from Tracy Elliott
at your local store or you can go online
watch some more clips you can read some
reviews what there’s a review yep I did
a review on this so read it in the
magazine that is from your guitar and
from your guitar calm and and but check
it out yourself it’s a powerful little
amp very simple very straightforward put
one of your gig bag and you will not be
dissatisfied dean little graphic with
the theme anyhow put some your guitar
from air guitar calm this is steve cook
I’ll see you real soon

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