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Martinez Guitars

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Handmade Classical Guitars

The Martinez Guitars Company is currently the world’s greatest and most comprehensive manufacturer of handmade classical guitars.

Based in Port City of Guangzhou, China. The company led by Managing Director Alex Wang has worked closely with European Architects and Constructors since the business was originally established in 1978.

Instrument building is an ancient craft. While using traditional methods, Martinez employs an innovative design that borrows from both the past and the future.


With a combination of modern machining techniques and traditional handcrafting, the Martinez Guitars Standard series is perfectly engineered for the market where demand for quality needs to meet competitive pricing. A special feature of this series is performer playability, where design has been optimised to aid playability.

Precision laser-cut wood allows the Martinez Standard Series instrument builders to direct time and resources into the most important aspects of guitar making. It is one of several examples of the company’s dedication to working with modern technical innovations.


Taking its inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic guitar designs, the Professional Series contains many highlights from the Martinez collection. Advancements in instrument design made by iconic luthiers including Anotonio Torres, Herman Hauser and Daniel Fridrich have been used as the basis for many guitars found in this set.

Handcrafted instruments by expertly trained luthiers reflect both the European tradition of instrument building and the Chinese values of art and precision. These are instruments designed to meet the needs of both today’s aspiring and professional guitar player.


The Martinez Guitars Masters Series is the pinnacle of the Martinez collection. It stands to represent all that company has achieved in instrument design, and its mission to build the ultimate guitar. A Martinez Master instrument is at the cutting edge of concert guitar design.

At the heart of the Martinez, Guitar Company is its Custom Shop. With only a few workbenches and an array of hand tools, the relationship between man and instrument is as evident here as it is for those concert musicians who play them. The design of each guitar in this series has been greatly influenced by Managing Director Alex Wang, Expert Luthier Kenny Hill and guitar Virtuoso Johannes Moller.