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Tenor Ukuleles

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What is a electric tenor ukulele?

The electric tenor ukulele is tuned like a soprano but usually has 18 frets (instead of 17), and the body is usually larger (though not as large as a baritone). Because of this, it produces a deeper tone than most ukuleles. According to most accounts, the tenor was created circa 1916 by D. C. Favilla, who also created the Favilla Octavio Ukulele, branded as a Montgomery Ward product.

How to play tenor ukuleles?

It’s so easy to play tenor ukuleles, and since the size is bigger than most ukulele types, it produces a deeper tone. Here are some chords we recommend: GCEA (soprano), DGBE (baritone) and ADFC#B (Tenor). With this last chord, you can play most songs written for a guitar.

How long is a tenor ukulele?

The tenor ukulele is a ukulele that is larger than a soprano but smaller than a baritone. After the Baritone and Concert, it’s the third-largest type of Ukulele if we have an eight-stringed ukulele. There are 4 types of this ukulele family: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

How many frets does a tenor ukulele have?

The tenor ukulele generally has 17 or 18 frets. Sometimes it can have 19, but this is pretty rare since the taller frets would make the Ukulele uncomfortable holding and playing. The standard distance between fret spans is about 11 millimeters (about 3/8 of an inch); however, on some tenor ukuleles, the frets can be a few millimeters closer together or further apart. The important thing is that the distance between notes should be clear and easy to distinguish, no matter how many frets your tenor ukulele has.