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Do you play guitar?

If so, do you know how to keep your instrument in the correct position while playing it? It’s not as easy as it sounds. You need a Guitar Strap!

A Guitar Strap is an essential accessory for any guitarist. It will help you maintain the correct position and posture while playing your instrument. Plus, if you ever have to take a break from playing, it will make sure that your guitar doesn’t fall on the floor or get damaged by other objects around it. And don’t worry about looking like a dork with one of these things on – they come in all sorts of colours and styles!
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Is a guitar strap necessary?

Most guitar players think that they don’t need a Guitar Strap because they are playing sitting down. This can be partially true for acoustic guitar players (as the shape of their instrument helps them keeping it in the correct position) but it’s completely false for electric guitar players.

3 Tips to learn how to play with your strap while standing up:

1. Do not start with the guitar on your knees. While it looks cool to sling the guitar low like Jimmy Page, this is not the best position to START. Try starting with your guitar fairly high and then, once you got used to it, lower it one inch per week more or less until you are at a position that is both comfortable to be in and cool to watch.

2.  If your guitar is too heavy, use a wider strap to reduce the pressure on your shoulder.

3.  Stand up while you practice. If that’s easy, then try to walk around 😉 (pay attention to the furniture…)

And remember to have fun!