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BOSS BD2 Blues Driver


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The BOSS BD2 Blues Driver releases the creamy, yet crunchy sound correlated with great blues guitar. This current pedal presents instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps.

  • Classic “blues” guitar tones with tube amp simulation
  • Warm distortion and overdrive
  • Responds to nuance and volume changes
  • AC adaptor or 9V battery operation
  • BOSS five-year warranty

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Review Time

Today I’m going to show you the
boss Blues driver bd2 as a boss
demonstrator, you have your favourite boss
pedals and the Blues driver for me has
always been one of mine
it really can kind of turn what was in
average amp into something really kind
of Valerie and warm and creamy yes you
can get those classic blues guitar tones
with tube amp simulation and warm
distortion and overdrive but it also
responds really well just like the real
high-end boss pedals of 2014 do it
responds to nuance and volume changes
really really well I think it’s a bit of
an understated classic the boss BD –
just like all boss pedals you know it’s
going to last probably longer than your
30-year old – ramps
these things are tested to utter
the destruction they’re built like tanks B
they have compartments for a 9-volt
battery and you can plug in you know
your AC adapter – but don’t let the name
for you it’s not just for blues you can
get loads of tones out of it so rather
than me bang on too much about all that
here let’s just take a listen to the
tones you can get out of it let’s start
with a nice clean tone from the amp so
you can hear what I’m playing with
okay so nice and clean now let’s bring
in the Biddy – what I like to do
with that is keep the gain all the way
off and then turn on the Biddy to bring
the volume up to the same as my amp when
it’s actually on so that’s about right
so I’m going to roll in the gain and I
think about thirty per cent really just
gives you that kind of Hendrix II
the crunchy tone which is really cool
and you can hear even at the crunching
stage it tends to clean up nicely when
you roll back the volume so if I bring
in a nice loud chord like this you seven
shot nine then roll back the volume
what we’ll do now is we’ll roll up the
Oh drive some more go probably like sort
of 66% and try and get some more very
kind of nice bluesy solo tone that still
lets you articulate chords so let’s have
a listen to that
so there is a bit of an idea of the kind
of sounds you can get from the BD – you
can crunch up some of already existing
clean tones you can go right into a lead
territory if you like and pretty much
everywhere in between
we looked at the level we’ve looked at
the gain let’s just check out the tone
pot very briefly because it’s fairly
self-explanatory well I’ll just give you
a demo of it really really dark 12
o’clock and then all the way up so
here’s really really dark is 12 o’clock
and then here’s all the way up so in
short it should be able to take on
pretty much any guitar you stick in
front of it whether it’s got humbuckers
single coils like this or really
noiseless ones yeah it should be able to
take them so that’s the boss blooms
driver BD 2 if you’ve enjoyed the review
please reach out in the comments below.


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