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BOSS OS 2 OverDrive/Distortion


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The BOSS OS 2 gives players a choice of overdrive or distortion or lets them combine both–all in a single compact pedal. Its distortion maintains the subtle nuances of single-coil guitar pickups.

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Review Time

This is the boss of BOSS OS 2
to overdrive distortion the thing that’s
really unique about the OS 2 is that
with a couple of knob twists, you can go
from overdrive to Distortion
you know with a wide range of gain and
there’s also a wide EQ range too so
let’s dig in and check this thing out in
the usual boss fashion it’s in the
iconic little stompbox size with four
knobs and it’s yet another colour gosh I
don’t even know what to call this is
kind of like an orange-yellow sort of
dirty school bus I don’t know any way
another colour for boss very cool
you’ve got level control tone control
which tone control is more like the high
end EQ you’ve got the drive control
which is the amount of gain in the
amount of Drive and then this very
interesting colour control that takes you
from overdrive to Distortion we’ll give
that a listen and see what it sounds
like but first we’re going to bypass and
we’re going to listen to my PRS 5 13
through a fender Princeton Reverb
there it is and here is the BOSS OS2 engaged
with the current settings, these are
actually what I use in the intro
so to explain the settings I’ve got the
level set at roughly unity gain got the
tone backed off a little bit just trim
in some of the high end and I’ve got you
know a pretty fair amount of gain but
there’s a lot more to go so that’s
because that’s just past halfway and I’m
a little farther on the distortion side
as opposed to the overdrive side so let
I twist some knobs and you can hear
what’s going on here so here is those
let me turn the colour knob that’s the
most active and the most kind of like
so you can hear that’s really like a
giant mid sweep you go from this sort of
pointed mid with not so many lows and
highs on the overdrive side to this sort
of pointed mid with no mids and lots of
highs and lows on the distortion side
and that’s what gives you the range and
as you back the gain down that’s what
lets you go from more of an overdrive
type sound to a distortion type sound so
with this lower gain setting let’s go
back to the distortion siding here what
it sounds like
put the colour knob back in the centre
and I’ll run the range of the drive
really usable up high and up low it’s
just you know a little thinner or a
little thicker and let’s listen to the
tone control see where it’s voiced at
like I said it’s more of like a high-end
trim but it’s really useful
for what it’s worth to my ear I was
using the tone control to cut the highs
on the distortion side especially with
larger amounts of gain and using it to
kind of boost the highs on the overdrive
side to compensate for the fact that
it’s got a little more of a midpoint on
it and finally to the level control here
as you can see that’s unity gain so
you’ve got a little more to boost the
amp if you want you to know and obviously
you can go quieter if you want to so
there you go the boss os2 overdrive
distortion very versatile pedal.


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