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KNA VC-1 Cello Pickup


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Portable piezo pickup for cello.

The easy-to-use VC-1 reproduces accurate cello tone while requiring zero modification to your instrument. A wood-encased piezo sensor installs in eye slot of the bridge, held in place via friction. Neatly-finished shim discs ensure the perfect fit. The 1/4″ socket jack attaches securely to tailpiece with a Velcro band. The VC-1 is entirely passive, designed to work flawlessly with your favorite amplifier or colored via a preamp of choice.

Diameter of the piezo element 15.40mm / 0.88″
Thickness of the piezo element 2.40mm +/- 0.08mm

0.095″ +/- 0.003″

Lead cable from jemale jack to element 22.5cm / 8.86″
Maximum Impedance 800 ‰ã_


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