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NUX WK 310 Digital Piano

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NU-X WK310 Upright 88-Key Digital Piano with Flip-Top in Black Finish

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Includes Bonus Piano Bench

The NUX WK 310 Digital Piano is a practical digital piano with an authentic grand piano playing experience that shapes your lifestyle. A perfect home always contains artistic and cultural decoration elements. WK-310 comes with a low-profile yet stylish design which makes it a nice piece to add style to your home.

The sampling of the grand piano tone is from a Steinway nine-foot grand piano with 5 dynamic levels. The 88-keys keyboard with 4 dynamic curves gives a sensitive reaction that never misses any slight change of your finger press. Want to experience a new way of learning, practising and playing the piano like never before? Hook up apps on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Key Features:

  • Style: Upright, PVC Black finish
  • Keyboard: 88-keys scaled hammer action with 4 dynamic curves
  • Sound Chip: Top European Dream 5708 DSP chip – 5 dynamic levels of stereo piano sampling, Harmonic series simulation and Sympathetic Resonance Technology
  • 128 built-in tones plus 1 standard percussion kit and 52 demo songs
  • Max. Polyphony: 180
  • Dynamic Curve: 4 kinds of standard piano dynamic curves (Soft, Standard, Hard & Dynamic On/Off)
  • Wireless Method: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Display: 7 segments x 3 LED
  • Controls: Metronome, Recording, Play, Menu, Voice
  • Effects: Delay & Reverb
  • Master volume control
  • Function Option: Recording Function, Reverb, Chorus, Dual Voice, Dual Keyboard/Dual Piano
  • Pedals: Soft, Damper, Sustain
  • Metronome: Velocity 20-280bpm, beat 1-6
  • Connections: DC 12V Jack, USB MIDI Jack, Stereo Line Input Jack (2), Stereo Line Output Jack (2), Front dual headphone jack (6.35/3.5 jack), Pedal Jack
  • Speakers: 4.5” x 2 @10W
  • Power supply: DC12V/2A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1354mm x 332mm x 772mm
  • Weight: 39kg

The authentic grand piano tone
The authentic grand piano tone of the NU-X WK-310 comes from well-selected Steinway grand piano sampling sound, the latest dream 5708 chips and customized stereo speakers.

Low Profile yet Stylish Design
Only 32cm in-depth, the NU-X WK-310 digital piano is designed to fit in any house. The cover comes with a buffer mechanism system which makes it a full-time protector for the keyboards.

The keyboard that matters
To accurately simulates the playing experience of a grand piano, the NU-X WK-310 equipped with 88 keys scaled hammer action keyboard originated from Italy.

180 note polyphony
With maximum of 180 note polyphony, WK-310 can handle almost all players’ daily needs. 3 seg LED display can always let you keep track of the real-time status.

Split keyboard and dual-tone
Activate the split keyboard and set the split point. Get ready to teach and learn with 4 hands playing. Dual-tone can give you playing more diversity and gorgeous sounds.

Recording function and effects
It’s easy to record your practice playing with the NU-X WK-310, play it back, find your weakness and keep practising. Once you’re into it, you can also compose something with the recording function. Want to have more fun? Try to add reverb or chorus effects into your playing.

Learn with fun.
Team up with ** APP on your smartphone or tablet and the bright LED indicators you’ll definitely fall in love with the new way of learning piano. Explore the app to find out more.



Additional information

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 34 × 140 × 73 cm

1 review for NUX WK 310 Digital Piano

  1. Ryan Griffiths

    This NUX is an awesome digital piano! highly recommend.

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